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Time is money and you cannot buy time, they say.

Oil on canvas, USD prop bills collage, Acrylics, Glass Shards 

153 cm (H) x 121cm (W)

The oil painting ‘TIME!’ was the inception of the ‘Broken Capitalism’ art series by Mihov.

The work addressed directly the fact that our capitalistic society has assigned monetary values to everything and all, including non-monetary concepts such as life or time, which the artist also sees as interchangeable. Time is no longer seen as ‘the form of inner sense’ in the human experience, but as an objective external variable. This has led to not only monetizing our relationship to time, with concepts such as interest rates for example, but to also establishing our entire basis for how we manage time, which is now fully focused on that monetization aspect. Time and its subversion into a purely one dimensional variable, much like capital, has therefore also brought upon a single dimensional society.

Therefore ‘TIME!’ also highlights the tendencies of our consumerist society to fall in the trap of investing entire life-times into the pursuit of wealth for pure consumerism. The piece toys with the exuberance and flamboyance of excess. The baroque elements are stylistically similar to both the artist’s former work ‘Carnival in the Worst of Times’ and analogous to the prints used in brands such as Versace and Hermès, which are arguably the propellers of our cult with luxury consumption. The artwork is also covered in thousands of broken glass shards, which can be seen only in the presence of the piece. The piece was also featured by Jaye Funk in his music video 'How much is your life worth?'

Copy of Screenshot 2021-11-23 at 9.57.30 PM.png

'Time!' featured in the music video for the visual-arts x music collaboration with Mihov & Jaye.


Artist Mihov (on the left) with singer, Jaye Foo in who's single "Time not $" the painting is featured


'TIME!' at the Broken Capitalism Exhibition with Hatch Art Project in Singapore

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