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'The Selye Symphonies' Series

The inner workings of the mind

13 Paintings


Watercolours and ink on 100% Hot Pressed Acid-Free Cotton,300 g/sm Paper Dimensions: Height: 610mm Width: 460mm

The Selye Symphonies is a series of 13 one of a kind watercolour paintings. The series was named after Dr Hans Selye, who was the first to discover the effects of psychological pressure on the physical state of being. Those same pressures found in the artist's world inspired the series. Each piece of the series was also created while travelling around the world, most notably Asia, due to the artist’s schedule. Some of the pieces have recorded the location of where they were painted.

Three pieces from the collection were used to raise charity funds for AVSI Kenya. The pieces now sit within notable private collection such as those of The Bolton University and the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in London.

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