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'Forests of Life' Series 

The beginning of a new chapter

About the series: 

This is one of the earliest series the artist began, as a journey in exploring moments from life. 
All pieces are now held in private collections.


Part of the series “Forest of Life”.

“Self Inflicted” focuses on the different directions we need to choose from in life and the potential consequences that await
. Being pulled in one direction but trying to hold on to another, potentially riskier,  is the same dilemma many of us face on daily basis. 



Part of the series “Forest of Life”.

The red skies are used as a symbol from folklore for danger or a storm waiting to happen.

The ballerina exudes strength, agility and control, floating above water as a black swan that has been awoken with the nightfall.


The Hunt

Part of the series “Forest of Life”

The Hunt depicts two Dalmatians in a forest at night, with a human figure obscured in the darkness between the dogs. The painting is a play on the centuries old saying of “Hunt or be Hunted” while it also leaves it to the interpretation of the viewer as to whether the human character is the hunter or the one being hunted. As in life, those two roles can change frequently.

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