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Commissioned Art Pieces

Something Special for Someone Special

The ultimate way to experience a deeper connection with the art is by being involved in the act of its' creation. The point of origin is the idea's inception and the dialogue with the artist's vision. 


'Little Things'

Family portrait of the Dymocks

Oils on Canvas

W 150 cm x H 90 cm



'Portrait of a soul'

Began as a traditional portrait of a lady with a mixed Egyptian and Indian backgrounds, which after numerous interviews with the sitter, evolved into a piece that depicted the person without actually depicting the physical shell and appearance. The artwork evolved into a portrait of the person's life story and soul, deeply connected to the intended recipient and her inner circles, but foreign to strangers.

Oils on Canvas, Pure 24 Karat Gold Leaf, 23 Karat Gold Dust, Palladium Dust

W 76 cm x H 76 cm unframed


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