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'Not Just A Currency'


'Not Just A Currency'

The world’s most recognised monarch had served the United Kingdom for over 70 years! This art piece was made as a homage to Her Late Majesty's, Queen Elizabeth II, dedicated service. In line with the artistic vision of Mihov, currency was used as one of the elements in the work, to remind  us that what sits behind the cover of an every day item is deeper. 


The playful portrayal of HRH Queen Elizabeth II as the face of a striving, innovative United Kingdom is echoed with the background of the painting. In the last Queen’s speech in 2022, one of the points discussed was the rise of blockchain technologies for further developing an innovative and dynamic economy. Whilst those latest technologies are still establishing themselves, this was a great reminder of how the reign of Elizabeth II has witnessed times from all the way of WWII through the build-up of London as the preeminent financial capital of the world. Those ongoing visionary efforts of securing United Kingdom’s place in the futurist world of blockchain technologies is a reminder that the United Kingdom had a monarch that did not shy away from embracing the future. It is also what ‘Not Just A Currency’ has humbly attempted to capture.

The Digital Piece:

As a multi-dimensional artwork, the piece is actually existing in both physical and digital formats. 'Not Just A Currency' began as a quintessentially traditional oil painting, made with a direct sketch on canvas. 

Once the portrait was completed in it's physical form, it was photographed in high definition format, which was later digitally de-constructed and segregated in it's individual layers that were separately animated to create a short loop of Her Majesty's portrait, with the dreamy illusion of her likeness coming to life. 

Reaching Her Majesty & becoming part of

The Royal Collection:

The final digital animation of the portrait was installed in a digital frame and together with a private letter, as well as a hand made box by Mihov, was delivered directly to The Queen's residence at Balmoral Castle, in time for Her Jubilee celebrations.

The Queen, ever so gracious, even in the final days of her life, had kindly returned back a thank you note via Lady-in-Waiting Susan Hussey, dated 8th August 2022. The events that followed post this day, have given this piece a special part of our history.   

The original oil portrait made by the artist has remained in his Singaporean residence, from where its' journey began.  

Art Works Details:

Physical Piece:

Oils on Canvas

Sculptural Metal Edge with Great British Pound Faux Note

46 cm (H) x 35.5 cm (W) x 2 cm (D) unframed

Digital Piece:

Digital Animation of the physical portrait

Note: Colours of digital and physical work differ based on light conditions, brightness mode of the digital frame chosen, and other viewing conditions

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