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'Carnival in the Worst of Times' 

Celebration in times of intolerance 

Watercolour on 100% hot pressed cotton from Arches, 300 gsmHeight: 410 mm Width: 610 mm

The year of 2016 marked a rise in intolerance, populism, and divisions. This is why the piece takes on a journey of the world’s carnivals, from Venice’s mask balls through Australia’s and India’s colourful celebrations, to form a fusion encapsulated in time.

The work was sketched and painted while the artist was traveling around India during the cooler festival. Reflecting back on the state of the world, the work's inception began. The art work ended up being completed across several months while traveling across not only India, but the Middle East, Australia, and Italy, which is why it incorporates elements from various cultural carnivals. 

During February 2017, the work was exhibited at the Grand Union Station of Los Angeles.

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